KFA provides assistance to Kuraray Group employees who suffer significant losses due to natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Sustained by contributions from the company, its employees, and outside donors, disaster relief funds can make timely grants to help affected employees navigate sudden loss or displacement. During natural disasters, funds raised and designated to the event will go towards supporting Kuraray employees impacted. The individuals affected should apply through the Disaster Relief Fund process.

Individual recipients begin the application process by completing the Disaster Relief Fund form. To request assistance with the application process, email info@KurarayFA.org, so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

In the United States, KFA will only give disaster relief and assistance funds for Declared Disasters made by the U.S. President. Outside of the United States, the Foundation will coordinate with international and local agencies.

Apply for disaster relief

To apply for funding, fill out the application form below. If you would prefer to fill out the application in a new tab versus the embedded form below, click here.

Would you like to donate to the KFA Disaster Relief Fund?

Please consider making a donation to the KFA Disaster Relief Fund. For U.S. citizens, contributions are tax-deductible.

Credit or Debit Card
To contribute with your credit or debit card, please donate through KFA’s PayPal account.

If sending a check through the mail is a viable option for you, we would greatly appreciate it. This allows KFA to avoid the processing fees associated with credit and debit cards, which allows us to retain a higher percentage of your gift. Make the check payable to “Kuraray Foundation of America, Inc.” with “KFA Disaster Relief” listed on the memo line.